Moving House Packing Tips

We recommend when you attaining boxes that you use removal cartons, which are designated to the industry. There are 2 basic sizes available when selecting your cartons, Standard cartons (tea chest) 65cmx45cmx40cm and book/wine cartons 40cmx40cmx30cm. Using the recommended cartons both, make load up quicker and more efficient and helps keep the load in the truck tighter and more uniform.

Butchers Paper

Butchers paper is highly recommended over using old newspapers for wrapping everything for your Pre Pack. Our industry has outlawed the use of newspaper for professional packing as there is a chance of ink poisoning from ink transfer on packed goods. You will also not have to re wash your goods upon arrival when using butchers paper.

Butchers Paper

Portarobes for your hanging clothes can be supplied. These Portarobes are supplied free of charge for the duration of your removal when requested. To work out Portarobe requirements for your relocation, the general formula is for every 1 lineal meter hanging space equals one Portarobe.

In regards to how many cartons you’ll for your pre pack; we suggest you ask our trained staff. They’ll be able to assist you through the process. Taping your cartons properly is of extreme importance and will help us in a quick and efficient move. We recommend that all flaps be folded in, and taped properly. You should tape side to side twice, making a + pattern. You should NEVER fold the flaps in on each other. Otherwise when lifted the contents will fall out the bottom.

Book/Wine Cartons

When packing Book/Wine cartons we suggest you pack with the heavier items such as books, tinned goods, plated and dishes, cutlery, etc. And other such heavy items. As well as fragile items such as dishes, glasses, etc.

Tea Chest Cartons

When packing Tea Chest cartons we suggest you pack with items such as linen, lamps, doonas, pillows, pictures (that fit appropriately), etc. And other such reasonably weighted items.

Archive Cartons

When it comes to archive cartons we suggest that they be loaded to the top. As well as being taped in the + pattern to prevent the bottom coming out. Also, they should NOT be packed any heavier them 10-15 kgs per carton.

Plastic Crates

Over the years plastic crates have become increasingly popular in the removals industry. We suggest that when it comes to packing, there NOT to be filled with books and such heavy items, as they will most likely disintegrate. We suggest that they filled no heavier than 10-15 kgs.


When it comes to packing items such as plates, bowls, serving trays, etc. They should be packed on their edges to reduce both vibrations and reduce breakages. When packed on their side properly, (packed tightly with butchers paper to the top) will increase the strength and also prevent the possibility of collapse during transit. When packing glasses, wine glasses, serving jugs, etc. They are to packed vertically to help prevent movement and give structural integrity to the carton. As with the plates and such, the cartons are to be packed tightly and to the top to prevent breakages during transit.


When handling pictures. Pack appropriately. All pictures that cannot fit in a carton will be handled in a professional manner. We pad and shrink all canvas, and frames to prevent any rubbing or breakage during transit.

Home Entertainment Packing

Plasmas, LCD’s. Got no carton? Not a worry. We double pad and shrink your Television to prevent bumps, rubbing, etc. Ensuring a safe transit to your location. When it comes to the remaining items? If it does not fit in a box, leave it to our highly trained staff to look after it for you.


Last but not least. All items are to marked appropriately according to contents. Kitchen, Master bedroom, etc. As well as whether the contents are fragile or not. All these tips will help assist us with a more efficient and stress free move. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to call our professional staff to help assist you through your move.