Moving Checklist

Before Moving Day Checklist

  • Defrost all fridges /freezers
  • Disconnect Washing Machine/place hoses inside if possible
  • Prepare all appliances for Transport
  • Remove fixtures and fittings from walls
  • Beds & Flat packs disassembled
  • Kids Toys/Sets/Trampolines disassembled
  • Fuel drained from mowers, whipper snippers etc
  • Dispose of Dangerous/Combustibles/Flammable Goods
  • Separate any personal items that you want transported, I.E. passports, wallets etc
  • Whatever can be flat packed, we suggest should be done.
  • Mark/specify clearly what is to be removedList Item #1

Moving Day Checklist

  • Final check of all cupboards, attics, garage for any goods
  • Water heaters switched off
  • Main power switched off
  • Gas taps disconnected
  • Final walk through of property to ensure all goods are loaded is YOUR responsibility.
  • Windows and Doors all locked
  • Keys handed in/surrendered

Note: Gas Bottles will NOT be transported by Kings Removals

Our Moving Checklist

Our moving checklist’s above are there to help keep your move as simple and as efficient as possible. The list is there to help remind you of what you can do to make moving a better experience for you and your family. 

One of the things we strongly suggest is packing a First Night box. a Box containing all the essentials you will need the very first night you are in your new place. kettle, coffee, tea, toiletries etc.

Having a goto box of essentials is definitely something you should add to your moving checklist to-do’s

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